ASPİLSAN Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

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ASPİLSAN Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was founded in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1981. 

ASPİLSAN Enerji started the production of radio batteries in 1985, and the production of aircraft and helicopter batteries in Ni-Cd chemistry in 1993. Until 1996, ASPİLSAN Enerji produced Ni-Cd rechargable cells with Varta license. 

ASPİLSAN Enerji has started mass production of its Li-Ion Rechargable Cylindrical Cell ASPİLSAN INR18650A28 in June 2022 and it is the first company in Europe to conduct mass production of li-ion 18650 cells. The design, development and production of the cell is completely domestic and national. All intellectual and industrial property rights of the cell belong to ASPİLSAN Enerji.

ASPİLSAN Enerji, the first and only company in Türkiye to produce aircraft/helicopter battery systems in Ni-Cd chemistry, is also the largest battery manufacturer in the country. 

We are actively involved in the ZEV UP project, focusing on the development of a lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles. Our role encompasses various aspects, including research, design, and testing of the battery technology. Our contributions aim to enhance the performance, efficiency, and sustainability of electric vehicles, aligning with the project’s goals of promoting zero-emission transportation. Through our efforts, we strive to advance the field of electric mobility and contribute to a greener future.